Blue Knfe Computer llc

Welcome to Blue Knife Computer

WE are the guys that can and will remove all equipment from your site. One call and WE do it all.

We have buyers interested in buying large quantities of excess new and used computer and electronic equipment. Many of these buyers purchase other items such as consumer goods, electronic parts and just about anything that can be sold for profit.

Complete Electronic Recycling

We provide a total solution for all your electronic recycling needs. All dismantling and processing is done at our site using our state of the art technology, providing the most effecient and environmentally sound way to process electrnoic waste.

Types of Products We Broker

Both New and Used!

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Networking Equipment: Hubs, Routers, and Switches

Desktop & Laptop Computers

Monitors: CRT & Flat Panel, LCD screens

Computer Components: Hard Drives, Memory, Video Cards, Audio Cards, PCI cards

Test Equipment: Scopes and Analyzers

Wire and Cable: Raw and Finished Goods

Computer Peripherals: Scanners, Printers, Keyboard, Mice

Cell Phones

Batteries, Capacitors, Adapters

…and more

Some of the Services We Offer

Hard Drives

Complete data removal – hard drives are erased adhering to strict DOD standards.

Certificate of Recycling

Certificate of Recycling issued upon request for each shipment to complete the required tracking of e-Waste.



Glass to Glass recycling. The preferred method of recycling for CRT’s by State and Federal Regulatory Agencies. Panel and funnel glass separated upon request.



Up to 100% of electronic components can be recycled.


Certificate of Destruction

Certificate of Destruction for all equipment/media suppliedupon request.



Whether your inventory is large or small our experienced staff can assist you in evaluating your equipment to determine your optimal rate of return.



We examine every item individually, designating each asset to be re-sold refurbished or recycled.


Customized Reporting

Customized reporting and inventory reports are tailored to individual customers requirements